Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Healing Heroes Golf Week

From April 21-27, 2012, the Independence Fund will be hosting up to a dozen severely injured veterans who will participate in a week of fun, bonding and golf at some of the Lowcountry's premiere facilities. This is your opportunity to come out and not only enjoy a rund of golf in a beautiful setting but to share the afternoon with these heroes as well.

The goal of HHGW (and the Independence Fund) is to raise awareness of the needs of our wounded and healing veterans of the wars of Irag and Afghanistan and to provide these veterans with the services and equipment necessary to improve their quality of life. A secondary goal of HHGW is to raise $17,000 to buy one paramobile device so that these veterans can play and enjoy golf and other activities.

Registration at 11:00am

Tee Time at 12:00pm

$25 Cart Fee ($26.70 with tax)